General Informations

I am currently technical coordinator of data and geotechnology projects with socio-environmental impact at Ecostage and, with more than 8 years of experience in creating solutions, I am a Data-driven culture enthusiast. Previously I worked as a developer and consultant on projects in several areas such as Brazilian research and science, health and industry to improve results through data science and intuitive interfaces. My current expectation of professional growth is to act in the transformation of data into results through the knowledge and opportunities that I had until that moment.

As a entrepeneur at Indeorum I was able to apply data science from conception to delivering value to the customer of challenging projects in a variety of areas, as president of Candy Valley startups association and as an advisor to the CENAG Foundation I had great experiences in managing innovation environment. As formation, I am a master at Artificial Intelligence line at UFPel as a project sponsored by Google called “Mapping Graffiti from Google Street View Data”. During my undergaduate degree in Computer Sciense at UFPel, I was president- founder of the Junior Company of Computing Hut8 and served as president od the Board of Junior Enterprise at UFPel.

Data-Driven Data Science IA ML Innovation KPIs Dev Scrum R&D Design Thinking UI/UX
2021 – atual

Technical coordinator of projects at Ecostage, working transversally in the development, infrastructure and UI/UX teams of the MapBiomas Alerta, MapBiomas Brasil platforms, Produzindo Certo platform and application, Imaflora, Monitoree and other projects involving geotechnologies applied to socio-environmental challenges.

Geotecnologia PostGis Geoserver Scrum Full-stack Ruby on Rails ElasticSearch React & React Native Expo UI/UX Figma DevOps GCP AWS

2020 – 2021

Consultant for analytical intelligence application projects for clients' R&D projects.

Data Science Analytical Intelligence Design for Innovation Design Thinking Marketing Growth

2015 – 2021

Founding Partner of Indeorum I deepened my knowledge in data science. In it I developed competence management systems, intercommunication of information repositories, worked with information design, improving skills in the area of UI/UX, project management and architecture.

Data Driven Parner Marketing Commercial Projects Management Leadership

Product Owner for directing projects to the needs of customers in the development of systems that involved the use of data science, big data, among others.

Ciência de dados Inteligência Artificial Scrum Aprendizado de Máquina Data Driven

Full-stack for the execution of several projects conceived and/or executed with Indeorum clients.

Ruby on Rails Data Science ML AI MySQL MongoDB CSS/JS Vue Python Apache/Nginx AWS

Candy Valley
2019 – 2021

Founding President of Association of Startups Candy Valley we help connect local startups with the entrepreneurial national ecosystem.

Innovation Startups Association Innovation Management

Fundação CENAG
2020 – 2021

Curator Counselor at CENAG (Foundation Center for Agribusiness) I have been helping to express the will of the founders and connecting the institution to new business opportunities in the area of agribusiness.

Council Prospection Representation Agribusiness

2016 – 2020

Linux administrator with ABA I took part of the main magazine (RBA) and congress (CBA) of agroecology in the country in the administration and support of management systems. With the editorial team we built the support and update system for management systems

OJS Linux Help Desk PHP Mysql VPS Apache2

2015 – 2018

Manager and full-stack for the App+Salud solution, application for web and mobile georeferenced management for the CENSUS of remote areas of Argentina’s Patagonia.

Android Ruby on Rails UX/UI Georeferencing Census

2014 – 2015

Project Director I worked with several technologies to create innovative projects with the Federal University of Pelotas. The several projects were governed with the use of Scrum.

Project Management Ruby on Rails MySQL Elasticsearch Objective-C Linux Python Scrum

Founding President of the junior company to allow Computer Science students to create innovative projects and work with different technologies. In it I expanded my skills of interlocution, leadership and project manager with a team of 20 people and several projects.

Leadership Project Management Scrum Innovation

2015 – 2016

Developer I worked with PHP (Codeigniter) and MySQL to develop the georeferenced system for UFPel’s LabUrb to apply in the border region of Brazil with Uruguay.

Leadership Georeferencing PHP MySQL Linux Project Management

2012 – 2014

Developer I worked with PHP (Codeigniter) and PostgreSQL for the development of UFPel’s academic system. In this period I developed the CobaltoApp, an app for Facebook to help students to receive notifications. In the last years at CTI I worked with a PHP/MySQL system and managed the Linux System.

PostgreSQL PHP Codeigniter MySQL Linux Scrum


Restorer and archivist of the historical collection of the Museum of Santa Casa de Misericórdia of Pelotas where I was able to put into practice the knowledge learned in the course of the bachelor’s degree in history.

Collection Museum Restoration Internship

Master PPG/UFPel
2016 – 2019

An approach to graphite extraction with multi-agent and identification by CNNs with the dissertation performed the identification and classification of graffiti from convolutional neural networks and extraction of graffiti from images through a multi-schedule system capable of traversing streets with information from Google Maps and OpenStreetMaps. The project was funded and awarded by Google Research Awards for Latin America 2016.

CNNs Graffiti Multiagents Google Research Awards Machine Learning Imagenet

Graduation CC/UFPel
2010 – 2015

Lattes Curriculum: Automatic Expansion of Terms based on Ontologia propus a search engine that allows a better experience of use, increasing the relevance of the results, through the expansion of the researchers, returned from a search provided by the user.

Ontology Curriculum Lattes TF-IDF Linked Open Data RDF XML Information retrieval

Graduation História/UFPel
2008 – 2010

During the two-year course I participated in the project between UFPel and Santa Casa Hospital with a focus on the Museum of Santa Cada de Misericórdia of Pelotas on the collection of health objects.

History Museum Collection Restoration Hospital

Graduation Administração/UnoPar

Partial completion of the Administration course by the institutions UnoPar in 2016, in which I had the opportunity to better understand business management.

Administration Business Management Organizational Behaviour People Management


System for the management of textual bases of children and educators in order to carry out qualitative and quantitative research.

Ruby On Rails MySQL Elasticsearch UX/UI

Unimed Fortaleza/Softex

Financial prediction platform for decision making based on assistance and epidemiological financial information for healthcare operators.

Ruby On Rails MySQL Machine Learning Prophet Forecasting Health

City of Rio Grande

Telemedicine and medical records integrated through online consultations with the population with medical monitoring.

Ruby On Rails MySQL Videoconference Vue Jitsi


Multi Agent System to efficiently navigate Google Street View routes to identify and catalog graffiti using deep learning models.

CNNs VGG16 Graffiti MultiAgents Google Research Awards Deep Learning Machine Learning Google Maps OpenStreetMaps Imagenet

Associação de Agroecologia

In the Brazilian Journal of Agroecology I participated as administrator of the Linux server, responsible for maintaining it and migrating the base OJS system of the magazine.

Linux VPS OJS MySQL Apache2

SaaS on Indeorum

Curriculum management system that crossed information from the Lattes curriculum and the Sucupira platform, allowing a graphical analysis of visitors and research groups.

Ruby on Rails XML MongoDB MySQL Material Design Insights Nginx

Saas on Indeorum

System of extraction and qualification of researchers’ curriculum that crossed information from the lattes platform with quality indicators of scientific production.

Ruby on Rails XML MongoDB Impact Factors Qualis H Index Google H5

Saas on Indeorum

System for indexing curriculum and expanding the word to identify competencies in curriculum.

Ruby on Rails XML TF-IDF RDF Linked Open Data MongoDB MySQL Material Design Insights

UK, Brazil & India

Application for monitoring and identifying the displacement of elderly people from their location and speed for health research in the elderly at the University of Heriot-Watt and Federal University of Pelotas.

Android Ruby on Rails MySQL Georreferenciamento Saúde

Argentina & Brazil

System for CENSO and health management, similar to the Brazilian census, for the Comodoro Rivadavia/Chubut Argentina province.

Android Ruby on Rails MySQL Apache2 Georeferencing Censo Health

Argentina & Brazil

Application for mind maps for urban reading, based on the five elements of Lynch’s methodology.

Android Ruby on Rails MongoDB Metodology Lynch Apache2

Platform Para-formal

Cooperative platform for mapping informal work developed at LabUrb / UFPel.

Android Ruby on Rails MongoDB Metodologia Lynch Apache2


Application for academic management that allows UFPel students to receive notifications of their subjects on Facebook.

Acadêmico PHP Facebook API CSS/JS

Produções Acadêmicas
Convolutional neural networks

A graffiti extraction approach with multi-agent and identification CNNs

Urban art Convolutional neural networks Deep learning Multiagents system Graffiti

Towards Graffiti Classification in Weakly Labeled Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks.

Graffiti Street art Convolutional Neural Networks Deep learning

Currículos Lattes: Expansão Automática de Termos baseada em Ontologia

Automatic Query Expansion Ontology WordNet Freeling Information Retrieval

Semantic Web
VIVO Conference 2015

Using OpenWordnet-PT To Improve VIVO

Semantic Web VIVO-ISF Ontology WordNet OpenWordnet-PT

Alinhamento de nomes de coautores de publicações científicas: uma abordagem prática

Desambiguação Web-semântica Distância de edição Alinhamento

Urban Design

Espiar o Para-formal na Cidade de Salvador

Para-formal, Contemporaneity Urban Design

Rede Neural
Cidade de Rio Grande

Inteligência Artificial aplicada ao controle de um termo-acumulador passivo

Termo-Acumulador Rede Neural

Salud Colectiva

Desarrollo de un sistema georreferenciado para la gestión, movilidad y monitoreo de atención primaria de la salud comunitaria. Salud Colectiva.

Servicios de Salud Comunitaria Sistemas de Información Geográfi-ca Desarrollo Tecnológico